Does My Life Have Purpose?


Redemption of the Commons is a heartwarming story the whole family can rally behind. It is the kind of movie that leaves your heart full and satisfied because it all turns out right.

RedemptionFrom the ashes of a tried but failed business venture far away from home, Victor returns to The Commons, the tiny trailer park he fled as a young adult, and where life still seems to be a dead end. Full of questions about his life’s purpose, Victor, and the others who live in the trailer park community, struggles to come to terms with tragedy, death, debt, addictions, broken relationships, and shattered dreams.

When it seems the pit of their circumstances cannot get any deeper, the cries of the hurting echo in hopelessness, inviting God to act. Through the power of forgiveness, God heals hurts, restores families, reconciles relationships, and forges unlikely friendships. Victor’s business “failure” experience is transformed into a message of hope and redemption for the whole community.

Only as Victor reconciles with his past, is he able to embrace his future and discover the answer to the questions we all ask. Is there more to life than this? Does my life have purpose?

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