Teachability. Is that even a word?


by Matt Keller

Is teachability even a word? Yes it is. And it will change your life.keytoeverything

Using humor and straight-talk, Matt Keller (@matthewkeller) presents a compelling case for why The Key to Everything is teachability. What exactly is teachability? It is a combination of our desire to learn and our willingness to change in response to what we learn. Matt artfully presents the roadblocks that keep us from being teachable so that we can learn to become self-aware and remove them, what characteristics we must build into our lives in order to be teachable, and how to develop a continuing lifestyle of teachability.

This book is written for anyone with a desire to succeed in life. If you have teenagers or young adult children, I highly recommend this as a must read for them. It is never too early to begin practicing and developing teachability in our lives. Before I finished chapter 3, I was ordering books for both of my college-age sons. They will make perfect stocking-stuffers for Christmas.

Our desire to be life-long learners and our willingness to change impacts every single area of our lives from our relationships to our jobs to our finances. Matt shares this thought:

“Teachability is a choice. Teachability is possible. When teachability is at the core of your life, the sky is the limit on what you can achieve and become.”

The Key to Everything!

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