Do You Bring The Storm?

We settled into our seats in the chapel with the boys and girls of the orphanage as a member of our mission team stood to give the message at the Wednesday evening service.

The theme for the week was all things fish: being a fisher of men, the fishes-and-loaves, the miraculous Bring the Stormcatch, and of course, Jonah and the big fish. Which was the basis of the message that evening.

Our team member did a great job of relating the time-tested lessons of God’s choosing mercy over judgment that we often hear when we hear a message on Jonah. There was nothing wrong with his message. Nothing.

But then Poppa, Orphanage Emmanuel’s founding father, got up to say a few words before closing us with a prayer. He said, “Do you bring the storm?”



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I sat up and leaned in, listening a little more attentively. I’d never heard this take on Jonah before.

Have you? Join me over at The Glorious Table where I am guest posting and we’ll explore how we either bring storms or bring calm.