Is God still Good When Life Hurts?

Dad was diagnosed with cognitive decline five or so years before his death. Although the doctors never put a name to it, the reality was Alzheimer’s disease. We had seen the signs.

An engineer by trade, he could no longer troubleshoot the systems he helped design and install. The man, who in my opinion, could do anything, and who had practically rebuilt an old home as a hobby, was unable to install an electrical outlet.

Naturally quiet, he became more withdrawn from conversations.

Anyone who has traveled this path with a loved one knows how difficult it is to witness your loved one fade away.

When the neurologist confirmed what we suspected, my prayers began in earnest. For healing, yes. But really for more.

For the Lord to protect my dad’s mind from the ravages of the disease.

For dad to know us.

For dad to know he was known and loved.

For my mom’s ability to be his caregiver.

My most fervent prayer was for the Lord to protect the love that my parents shared in marriage for 55 plus years.

When we encounter those tough times, the hurt-filled times, a natural question is to ask, God, do You care? Are You still good?  I am honored to be guest posting over at Lighthouse Bible Studies where Katy Kaufman is exploring the goodness of God. Join me over there for the rest of this story and discover how our answer can be a resounding yes!