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Retreat Weekend and Keynote Messages:

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Beloved – Women want to live their own love stories!  Beloved meets women wherever they are their season of life and invites them to discover the love story that God is writing just for them. In six sessions we learn:

  • Who God is in our story
  • Who our enemy is
  • Who we are in our story
  • How to guard our heart so that we can live trusting God to write the best story for our lives!
  • Our stories are all different, but we know how they end!

Packed with personal stories and strong Biblical teaching that will help women learn to apply the truth of God’s Word so that they may live as His Beloved!


flourish1 - for emailsFlourish  – John 15:1-8 tells us that we are NOT simply meant to survive this life but we are to Flourish!  We will dig deep into this passage to discover just what Jesus means and how we can flourish to the Father’s glory.


Sessions Include:

  1. In His Image
  2. The Defacing of His Image
  3. From the Inside Out – where change happens
  4. Lessons from the rose bush
  5. Living in the Power


Put It On_FinalPut It On!  – Ephesians 6:10 – 18 is our launching point for this in-depth study and application of the Spiritual Armor of God.  In this six session series we will:

  1. Learn from David’s battle with Goliath that Whose we are is all important
  2. Learn who our enemy really is and what God has given us to stand firm with
  3. Dig into the how, what, why, when, and where of wearing the belt of truth, breast plate of righteousness, shoes of peace, shield of faith, helmet of salvation and sword of the spirit.
  4. Learn how to use prayer as the powerful and effective “weapon” it is.

All retreat packages include complete small group breakout questions and suggestions for individual take home gifts.


The following are single keynote topics ideally suited for a MOPS meeting or women’s ministry event.

Mangers are Messy – Mangers are messy places, but that is where Jesus was born.  Our lives are messy too, but Jesus still comes.

So Worth It! – Worth is in the eye of the beholder and Jesus is our beholder.  This message focuses on John 3:16 as we discover that we are worth it!


Make the Most of Your Bible – This interactive workshop enables participants to be more confident in how they are reading the Bible so that they will experience enhanced richness from their reading and study time and feel better equipped to engage in small group studies.  This workshop lasts approximately one and one-half hours and addresses the following:

  • The different translations and types of Bibles
  • Concordance use
  • Index use
  • Cross References
  • Study Notes

Everyone from beginners wanting to know what kind of Bible to purchase to seasoned study facilitators find this workshop engaging and informative.

Save Time. Save Money. Eat At Home.  Studies show that the most successful families and children share dinner together. We all want to eat healthier. We all need to save money. But women are busy. It’s hard to put a good meal on the table when you have one hour from start to finish before you need to be somewhere else. This interactive workshop details how to effectively plan menus, accomplish grocery shopping and manage your meals according to your calendar. Tried and proven, this will save you time, money and stress. All the while enabling you to reclaim that precious time of sharing and bonding over the dinner table.

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