Life Lessons Learned in the Garden

I learned to first love the feel of my hands in the dirt in the 5th grade. I had a demonstration speech to give that entailed showing how to do something and my “something” was How To Pot A Plant. My mom helped me pick out a suitable plant, a good pot, and the right dirt. I was hooked.

Throughout the years, I have moved several times, and have had new landscapes and gardens to play in. Gardening never gets old. There is always something new to discover and I love that. Most importantly, I have come to cherish the lessons I have learned in the garden…

I am always honored to write for the Christian Community News.  Join me there as we discover how the garden shows us that God cares about the details of our lives, we are meant to be fearless, and other important lessons…. I’m on page 10, but the whole magazine is worth your time!