I Don’t Wait Anymore {Book Review & Giveaway}

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“Why do we settle so many times for down there when there’s all this up here?” Good question.

Why do we settle for so much less than God? Because choosing God takes work. Grabbing hold of God’s free gift of amazing requires determination to dig into His Word, His character, His love.

We were made to want more and there's a reason for that. I Don't Wait Anymore by Grace Thornton Click To Tweet

So writes Grace Thornton in her soul-stirring book I Don’t Wait Anymore. Her journey of discovering God with a profoundly personal and life consuming passion ignites in us a desire to never settle for less than God.

But she’s right. It is easier to settle for nice over amazing. Through her poignant personal IDWA-7[1]reflections, we can all pinpoint places in our lives where we have settled for less than all of God. In our singleness, in our marriages, in our jobs, in our families. Her challenge stirs in us a desire to know God the way she has come to know God. For our pursuit of God to surpass our pursuit of anything else.

Grace Thornton’s perspective rises from the ashes of broken dreams for marriage and family but her words will resonate with anyone regardless of marital status. We all have deep longings that are not fulfilled in this world. We all have stories that are being written by God and we all need and want our stories to bring us more of Jesus.

I love that she shares a glimpse of what having more of Jesus looks like. She makes me believe I can have more. She’ll make you believe it too.

Read the first chapter of her book here:  I Don’t Wait Anymore – Ch 1   You’ll be hooked!

Leave a comment below about when you have maybe settled for a little less than all of God. How do you feel about that? I have a book to give away!

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You Are My Tribe and I Need Your Help

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Yesterday, for the first time, I used these words in a sentence together: I am a writer. Most of the time when people ask me what I do (and they always do don’t they?) I hem and haw, not really sure how to answer that question.

Yesterday, in a completely random setting with people who don’t know me, I declared: I am a writer.

Something clicked into place. This is what I do. I write words down that are for other people. That’s what writers do isn’t it? The words are not mine to keep. The words I write are to be given away. Shared.

And so, in that very random place, it was time to own that.

Now it’s time to own something else. I desire to be an author. There is a difference. A writer writes words. An author is a writer who has had their words published. And publishing them on your own blog doesn’t count. Bummer.

I am blessed to be a contributor to Papa’s Pantry publication Christian Community News Magazine. I am honored that Lynne Saunders believes the words I write are words that others might need to read. So, I can say I am published. But there is more. I sense it.

Last year, the Lord placed a huge burden on my heart: write a devotional that goes with the IMG_0955One Year Chronological Bible. Some of ya’ll know this is my absolute favorite way to read the Bible for my personal time. It is not how I study, but it is how I read and pray.

God says his Word is life giving. I believe that we are to find life in all of the Bible – even the hard passages. So right now, I call this book Life Giving Words.

For the past year, I’ve been working on writing devotions, one for each day, that lifts something out of that day’s reading to focus on: a situation, a concept, or a specific verse. Together, we explore the context, relevancy, and application to our lives today.

Much of what I send to you and post on my blog comes from this project. My passion is to open up the Word of God in such a way that you can’t miss the love he has for you. I hope to be a vehicle through which his Word becomes alive and active for you and then in you.

This devotional can come alongside you if you are reading the Bible chronologically and it can stand by itself if you are not. But you’ll be encouraged to do so! You’ll still get a glimpse of the larger story of God and his people.

This project has changed me. I have come to know the Lord in an entirely new way and this is what I hope will happen with those who read it. My heart quickens at the thought of what life change might happen for people.

There you have it. I’ve made this public and that scares me. What if I fail?

Truly, I’m okay if this project never gets published. Publishing it is not the end game. Knowing God is. But I believe it is supposed to be published. I have no idea how or when. Next week, I am headed to a writer’s conference. This is not the first time I’ve been to one, nor the first time I’ve pitched an idea. This is the first time I am going with such a clear purpose.

I’m writing this to you, the Women of Hillside and everyone else who gets this email because ya’ll are my tribe – my people – to ask you to do few things for me.

  1. Please pray for me between now and next Thursday. Actually, I welcome your prayers all the time, but this next week is crucial. I need to finish putting my proposal together. They say the devil is in the details and I believe that. Please pray for my technology to cooperate, for things to format and merge the way they need to, for me to have the patience and perseverance to not settle for anything less than my best work.
  2. Please pray for my time at the conference. That I will represent God well as I represent this project.
  3. Please join me in boldly praying that God will open the door for this project to move forward. To me, a novice, a book contract is impossible. But what is impossible to me, is very, very possible with God.

And lastly, I would be so appreciative if you would click the link below and leave a note on my blog if this kind of devotional appeals to you. Your encouragement will mean the world to me – and frankly – It’ll give me a foundation to say to those who I pitch this to – see… ladies want this.

I love each and every one of you. Thank you for the joy of letting me into your lives through the words I write.

Love and blessings,



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You Are Doing A Good Work

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If I could raise my children all over again I’d … have a list a mile long in a heartbeat of time.

Motherhood is fraught with questions, regrets, failures, joys, successes and one of the questions we will plague ourselves with forever is “Am I – or Was I – a good mom?”

I am a mother of two young men now – ages 23 and 26. I recently asked them to send me their reflections of me as a mom. This can be a little nerve wracking so I don’t necessarily recommend it but the responses I got were very interesting.

They did not say anything about great vacations or the fact that they were the last one to get their cell phones. They didn’t mention the time I made a 10 p.m. run to Krispy Kreme for donuts for class treats or the time I forgot about open house and came skidding in to say hello with 10 minutes left to spare. They did not praise me for great birthday parties or fault me for missing things because I worked full time.

Everything they mentioned had to do with the influence I poured into them that made them who they are today. This brings joy and sadness all at the same time. Joy because for the most part I really like who my sons are. So I must have done some things really right. Sadness because I see gaps in their character that I wish I could go back and pour my influence into.

Mom, you are doing a great work, don't come down. Click To Tweet

Hey all! I’m contributing over at The Christian Community News Magazine this month. Click here to read the three key values that will shape your parenting and shore up your confidence on the difficult days. Page 10.


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